Cash + In-Kind Sponsor (All Levels)

Suggested price: $500.00

If you’re providing equipment, advertising, or other in-kind donations in combination with CASH contributions, please follow the below:

Step 1: Determine In-Kind Donation Credits

  • In-kind donations receive a sponsorship value totaling half of the items’ retail value.
    • Example: Equipment donation valued at $5,000 retail receives a $2,500 Dozer Day sponsorship.
  • If coupling in-kind donation credits with a monetary payment, please deduct the in-kind donation credits from the total of the sponsorship level you desire.
    • Example: Equipment donation valued at $5,000 retail receives $2,500 in-kind donation credit. If you desire Platinum Sponsorship, please enter in $7,500 as cash due for the remainder of the sponsorship. The minimum cash required for each level is:
      • Platinum: $5,000
      • Gold: $2,500
      • Silver: $1,250
      • Bronze: $500

Step 2: Enter the cash due in the field above and click “Add to Cart”.

Step 3: Click on the Cart in the upper right and complete your payment.
If you need an invoice to pay by check instead, contact Jenna Waters at