Platinum Sponsor


Step 1: Add Sponsorship to Cart

Step 2: Complete Checkout (If you need an invoice to pay by check instead, contact Tara Edwards at

Step 3: Complete the PLATINUM SPONSOR form

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What's included:

  • 15 VIO Tickets (event access 1 hour early)
  • Corporate logo on HOME PAGE of Dozer Day website with live link
  • Opportunity to host company Booth, equipment Active Area OR Stationary Area
  • Corporate logo Dozer Days program/event map
  • Opportunity to display your banner strategically at Dozer Day event
  • Use of Dozer Day logo (Each use of logo must be approved before print)
  • Medium logo on T-shirt
  • Corporate logo on event posters
  • 50% cash required**

*If you're looking for sponsorship with in-kind donations, please click here.
**In-kind donations receive a sponsorship value totaling half the items’ retail value (example: equipment donation valued at $5,000 retail receives a $2,500 Dozer Day sponsorship and the rest is cash. If a company does NOT want to give cash, they will go down a sponsor level.